The cheese factory.

a nineteenth-century farmhouse in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma.

The cheese factory and the adjoined shop where one can find dairy products and other local food and drink was built in a renovated 17th century building located 500 meters from the stables.

In the cheese factory, we exclusively use our own buffalo milk in order to produce buffalo mozzarella and other fresh cheese like burrata, ricotta, yogurt and a wide variety of seasoned cheese.

Our master cheese maker who takes care of producing mozzarella comes from Battipaglia, in the Campania region, from where the tradition of making mozzarella was originally born.

We thus have a great combination of top quality milk from Tuscany elaborated by expert hands from Campania.

Attached to the cheese factory is our own shop and bistro from where visitors can observe the cheese making process from a glass wall that separates it from our laboratory.

Upon request we may cater to groups wanting to tour the farm, renewable energy plant and cheese factory.

In the shop one may buy our dairy products and other local food and drink as also have breakfast, food and drink tastings.

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