In the group of companies it includes two family farms, and Quercesecca Razza del Casalone, both 5 km away from the dairy. E ‘can then, for those who come from outside, organize visits and stay at our facilities.

Quercesecca, historic farm of the Maremma, is located only 2 km from a sea with sandy beaches, dunes and coastal pine forests between Marina di Grosseto and Principina a Mare and 8 km from Castiglione della Pescaia.L’azienda, composed of a group of homes, immersed in the quiet, it offers a pleasant and relaxing stay for those who love the sea and nature. Quercesecca is an ideal place for lovers of the sport and a good starting point for making cultural visits.

Razza del Casaloneis an elegant country residence in the heart of Tuscany, with 2 hectares of park and swimming pool, just 10 km from the sea.

The company faces the city of Grosseto and is located on the Collacchie road leading to Marina di Grosseto, 2 km from the railway station. Over the years the city has advanced, moving closer to the eighteenth-century farmhouse.

The estate consists of a farmhouse dating back to 1700 when they were converted into 5 apartments and a large common room of 150 meters. In the garden there are 7 identical and adjacent apartments, built from old stables farming town of Razza del Casalone. The farm offers accommodation in 10 apartments and 2 bedroom apartments, for a total of 26 beds.

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