The farms.

in Capalbio and in the Grossetana plain.

In Capalbio the farm has arable land where cereal and fodder for animal feeding are produced as also various hectares of grazing land where animals can roam freely.
The buffalo calves arrive here at around 6 months of age from the farm in Grosseto and spend around 2 years before they are ready to enter production and thus go back to the farm in Grosseto. The wide spaces and the living conditions make the animals grow up to be healthy and strong, with a positive effect on their production. Our buffaloes are known nationally and internationally for their premium genetics, we have exported animals to the Philippines, Holland and Turkey.

In our farm in the plains surrounding Grosseto, we have around 400 animals, living in a spacious structure that combines cement infrastructure where the animals can rest to open fields where they can roam freely. All around the stables are the various hectares of arable land where we cultivate cereal and fodder to feed our animals. Around 80% of what they eat is produced on our land giving us a strict control on the supply chain in order to guarantee high quality products.

In 2012 we have constructed a Biogas plant in order to produce renewable energy from animal manure, leftovers from cheese production and dedicated crops. The plant produces electric energy and thermal energy. Electric energy is partly used at the farm whilst the excess is sold in order to diversify our income, thermal energy is used to generate hot water for the stables and will soon be used for the cheese factory.

Upon request we may organize group visits to the cheese factory, farm and renewable energy plant with wine and cheese tastings.

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