About us.

The farm

In Grosseto there is the stable where the buffaloes in production and the buffalo reside.

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The cheese factory

Housed in a farmhouse of 1800 where products are made exclusively with Maremma buffalo milk.

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For those coming from outside it is possible to organize visits and stay at our two facilities.

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Our products.

Our chesse

Our products are made exclusively with the milk produced by our buffaloes.

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Our meat

Our meat is tender, healthy and tasty with only Maremma cows in the wild.

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hectares of arable land
bufalas in milking
litres of milk produced per year

kg of cheese produced

Group tours.
A visit to our uncontaminated pastures, our farm and cheese factory: come and visit us to discover how we make our products
Prizes won.

+39 0564 1768089
La maremmana - Caseificio Inno al Sole Strada Provinciale 131 del Poggiale n. 72 Principina Terra - 58100 Grosseto
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